30 years of experience
in the market

We are one of the longest operating distributors of advertising materials in Poland. For 30 years we have been providing professional services in the field of distribution of leaflets, advertising newspapers, etc. Take advantage of our experience and enjoy an effective marketing campaign!

We help increase sales

We are one of the leaders of the distribution industry in Poland. We deliver millions of advertising materials straight to recipients across Poland every day. Our goal is to support our business partners in effective sales and to enable their customers to make more convenient and cost-effective purchases. We adapt our offer to the needs and requirements of our customers, which allows us to meet the needs of both large retail chains and smaller enterprises.

Simple solutions, comprehensive service

We provide comprehensive support in the organization of marketing campaigns. We offer full campaign service from planning to distribution, as well as geomarketing analysis, printing and production of advertising materials, packaging, transport and logistics and storage services. Our experience gained during three decades of activity in the distribution industry guarantees the highest quality of services.

Why choose ABC Direct Contact?

Precise targeting

We precisely locate your potential customers with the help of geomarketing analysis.

Guarantee of effectiveness

We guarantee a minimum distribution efficiency of 90-97%.

Nationwide consumer reach

We provide distribution in every place
in Poland, without exceptions.

Turnkey campaigns

We can provide full support for your campaign: from the campaign plan, through the printing of advertising materials, to distribution.

Expert support

Our experts will guide you through the entire campaign process.

Convenient ICK application

Thanks to the original ICK application (Internet Customer Centre), managing and planning distribution has never been so easy!

Plan a turnkey campaign with us.
Save time and costs.

Quality guarantee

For 30 years, we have been constantly improving our distribution process by introducing innovative solutions and technologies. Learn about our multi-stage control system that guarantees the highest quality of distribution.

Join our happy customers

We work for large and small companies, including:


Individual quotation for your company in 24 hours

Call or write to us using the contact form and briefly describe your needs. Our experts will contact you within 24 hours (or next business day) and present a tailor-made offer.