Quality is our priority

We are one of the leaders of the printing industry in Poland. For 30 years, we have been constantly improving our distribution process by introducing innovative solutions and technologies. Learn about our multi-stage control system the solutions that guarantee the highest quality of distribution.

Quality starts with employees

We believe that satisfied and motivated employees are the key to the success of any organization. That is why we put people first. We are committed to creating strong and effective teams that guarantee the highest quality of distribution.

A proven control system

In order to ensure the highest quality of services, we use a three-stage control system:

  • Central Inspection, which consists of internal and external current control as well as branch office control.
  • Direct Inspection, in which the ordering party participates to ensure that the services are delivered according to his requirements
  • Follow-up inspection, consisting of a survey and telephone control, used to obtain additional information and to confirm the quality of the service.

The ABC Direct Contact control system guarantees the highest quality of distribution and meets the needs of the most demanding customers.

Step 1: Central inspection

Internal inspection

Internal controllers ensure the quality of work of our distributors. They are present in the area of distribution and prepare reports for our representative of the region.


External inspection

External inspection performed by external controllers ensures objective evaluation and high quality of distribution.

Regional/ branch external inspection

In order to ensure quality on large orders, the work of controllers and branch managers is additionally controlled by regional coordinators.

Step 2: Inspection performed together with the ordering party

Direct inspection with the participation of the ordering party is a form of inspection in which the ordering party takes a direct part in the process of controlling the quality of the distribution. At the end of each action, the audit shall be carried out jointly with the ordering party’s representative, who shall be responsible for assessing the quality of the execution of the order. In this way, the ordering party is sure that his requirements and expectations have been met, and at the same time he has the opportunity to submit his comments and suggestions for further improvement of the quality of distribution.

Step 3: Additional inspection

The follow-up audit consists of two types of research: Surveys and telephone surveys. In the survey, with the consent of the ordering party, surveys are carried out after the completion of the distribution to verify the accuracy of the arrival of advertising materials. Telephone surveys are based on confirmation of correct distribution by regular interviewers based on telephone inquiries.

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