Distribution of addressed printed materials

We deliver marketing materials to the indicated addresses – to companies, institutions and individual customers.

What is addressed mail distribution?

Addressed mail distribution consists in the distribution of addressed marketing materials (e.g. folders, catalogues, brochures, offers) directly to the indicated addresses of recipients – most often to companies and institutions, but also to individuals. The distribution is carried out on the basis of the previously prepared and verified address bases (we use the address bases provided by the customer or from our own databases). Shipments can be delivered with or without confirmation of receipt.

Recommended for special shipments

Addressed mail distribution allows direct access to potential customers and guarantees high efficiency. Addressed mail distribution is recommended for shipments that we want to give greater value, greater importance, emphasize their uniqueness. Thanks to addressed shipments, communication with potential customers becomes more personal. Addressed shipments help attract new customers and reach current customers. As part of the implementation of the service, we can provide items of various sizes and shapes.


Why choose ABC Direct Contact?

Address verification

We verify each address base, so we reduce the cost of printing and distribution.

Guarantee of effectiveness

We guarantee a minimum distribution efficiency of 90-97%.

Nationwide consumer reach

We provide distribution in every place in Poland, without exceptions.

Turnkey campaigns

We can provide full support for your campaign: From the campaign plan, through the printing of advertising materials, to distribution.

Expert support

Our experts will guide you through the entire campaign process.

Convenient ICK application

Thanks to the original ICK application (Internet Customer Centre), managing and planning distribution has never been so easy!

Plan a turnkey campaign with us.
Save time and costs.

How do we operate?


Establishing address base and campaign plan

We establish a database of addresses for distribution (we work on databases received from the Customer or our own databases). We operate in accordance with the GDPR.


Analysis / verification of address correctnessin

We verify that addresses are correct for incomplete or incorrect data. We make corrections to the address database.


Determination of the quantity of shipments

After the address verification, we determine the final number of shipments to be delivered.


Printing / production of advertising materials

We print / produce advertising materials in cooperation with proven subcontractors.


Transport and logistics

We provide full logistic and transport services of marketing materials throughoutPoland.



We have warehouses with a total area of 3000 m2. We provide full logistics service and 24h monitoring



We deliver shipments to specific recipients within the agreed time.


Quality control

Each distribution is subject to 3-step quality control, which we also carry out together with the Customer.



Upon completion of the order, the Client receives a detailed report and recommendations for future campaigns.

Quality guarantee

We are one of the leaders of the printing industry in Poland. For 30 years, we have been constantly improving our distribution process by introducing innovative solutions and technologies that enhance its quality. Learn about our multi-stage control system that guarantees the highest quality of distribution.

Join our happy customers

We work for large and small companies, including:


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Call or write to us using the contact form and briefly describe your needs. Our experts will contact you within 24 hours (or next business day) and present a tailor-made offer.