Increase the efficiency of the distribution and reduce its costs by precisely selecting the target group and distribution area.

Advantages of geomarketing

The effectiveness of the distribution of advertising materials depends to a large extent on the proper selection of the target group. Geomarketing analysis allows you to locate your potential customers and identify optimal distribution areas. Thanks to precise targeting of your campaign, you can save about 30-40% of printing and distribution costs and increase the conversion rate by nearly 30%!

How do we operate?

By selecting distribution areas for your campaign, we combine geographic, statistical and business data using extensive it systems and applications. We cooperate, among others, with the Central Statistical Office, and for many years we have been building our own databases. We have reliable data on households and business entities in the served areas. During the implementation of distribution orders, we perform analyzes of individual regions, among others in terms of number of recipients, quality and the type of building, the specificity of a given area, as well as the purchasing power.


Why choose ABC Direct Contact?

Precise targeting

We precisely locate your potential customers and help you choose the distribution area.

Data sources and interactive maps

We have plenty of transparent geomarketing data for effective use in campaign planning.

Nationwide customer reach

We provide distribution in every place in Poland, without exceptions.

Turnkey campaigns

We can provide full support for your campaign: from the campaign plan, through the printing of advertising materials, to distribution.

Expert support

Our experts will guide you through the entire campaign process.

Convenient ICK application

Thanks to the original ICK application (Internet Customer Centre), managing and planning distribution has never been so easy!

Plan a turnkey campaign with us.
Save time and costs.

Quality guarantee

We are one of the leaders of the printing industry in Poland. For 30 years, we have been constantly improving our distribution process by introducing innovative solutions and technologies that enhance its quality. Learn about our multi-stage control system that guarantees the highest quality of distribution.

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